24/7 Acute Intervention Services. Safe Emergency Shelter at Harbor House. Personal Protection Orders.

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24/7 Help Line. Individual Counseling and Support Groups.

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Stopping the cycle of violence, reducing harm, saving lives.

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Resource Support. Victim Housing Activism. Court Support.

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The Mission of The Women’s Center is provide programs and services in Marquette and Alger Counties that Protect, Educate, Advocate, Counsel, and Empower (PEACE).

The Women's Center believes that every individual is entitled to dignity and respect, and that women and men should be treated equally under the law and by society in general. No individual should be discriminated against or limited by society based on age, sex, career choice, sexual orientation, or other circumstances of legitimate life choices. The Women's Center provides services in a non-judgmental and supportive manner to individuals as they make decisions for their lives. The Women's Center advocates for change in the larger society to eliminate bias and to enhance the ability of all individuals to be fully functioning members of society.



200 gOOD mEN

In Honor of:
Tim Aho from Kathleen Aho
Viola Beishline & Beatrice Mapes
Joyce Canale from Mark Canale
Bob Chapman from Barb Colemen
John C. Craik from Mary L. Craik
Mark, Kevin & Scott Ehlert from Sandy Ehlert
Aaron, Perry & Chip Truscon from Karen Eldevick
Gail Gray from Richard Gray
Mary Jane Bolton from Jim Jajich
Jane Johnson from Rich Johnson
Randy Johnson from Cecelia Johnson
Thomas Knuff from LaVonne Knuff
Russ Magnaghi from Diane Kordich
Phil, Phillip & Eric May from Sally May
Bruce Maynard from Kathy & Fred Maynard
Connie Mazzuchi from Dan Mazzuchi
Bob Miller from Eeva Miller
John & Joseph Seymour from Karlyn Rapport
Joe Rapport & Davis Mosher from Karlyn Rapport
Mary Snitgen from Don Snitgen
Charles Norlin & Josh Kocha from Karen Sundell
Stuart Sundell-Norlin from Karen Sundell
Kim Swanberg from Steve Swanberg
Nan Taube & Melva Royce Taber from Steve Taube
Hans & Bernard
Robert M. Syrja & James M Syrja from Dennis Syrja
Abel, Noah and Gregg H. Seiple from Babette Welch
Stephen Wissler—Happy 40th, Deborah Wissler
Neil Winkler from Laurie Winkler

In Memory of:
Joanne Hamel from Paul Arsenault
Thomas Cappuccio from Carol Cappuccio
Adelbert Harper Carpenter from Daniel Carpenter
Veronica (Cadeau) Fasana from Lou Chappell
Frances Mar Colwell from Charles Colwell
J. Harold Cotey, Sr & Joseph H. Cotey Jr from Virgina Cotey Cota
Robert Eiseman Family from Rick Eisemen
Clinton Dale Erickson from Scott Erickson
Two men in my life from Jill Essinger
Kitty Fisher from Bob Fisher
Len Henderson from Roberta Henderson
Roger R. Hytinen from Gloria Hytinen
Wendell Anderson from Larry R. Keller
Randy Kivisto from Esther Kivisto
Marge Hendra from Nancy & Dick Lutey
Viola Belshline & Beatrice Mapes from Dennis Mapes
Madonna Marsden from Michael Marsden
Patty Meyers Bailey from Michele Moran
Charles Ollila from Phillip Ollila
Bill Addison from Janis Peterson
Robert Rans from Susan Rans
Hazel Robina from Robert Robina
Robert Waudby from Sheryl Waudby
Robert Welker Jr from Bob Welker III
F. Flynn Wyche from Abigail Wyche
Daniel Zdroik from Carole Zdroik

200 Good Men

We had a wonderful event this year and cannot thank you enough for the support!

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Steve Aho
Richard Alholm
Robert Anderson
Guido Arquilla
Dennis Bachorik
Mike Bath
Sam Bennett
David Blondeau
Michael Broadway
Howard Broemer
Michael Burgmeier
David Campana
Jim Cantrill
Jessie Carlson
John Cenkto
Larry Christiansen
Howard Cohodas
Michael Conley
Ryan Connelly
Cross Cotracting, LLC
Dr. Kenneth Davenport
William G. Davis
John A. Diddams
Tom Dubow
Michael Duscay
James Duehring
Greg Eckert
Lon Emerick
Fritz Erickson
William Ferns
Bill Flanigan
Lisa Flood
Doug Garrison
Gauthier Insurance
Richard Goodney
David Grant

Tim Greele
Great Northern Title
& Abstract, Inc
Stan Greer
Andrew G. Griffin
Daniel Hardie
Vida Hawthrone
Norman E. Hefke, EdD
Carol Hicks
Gary Horwood
Paul Hein
Jeremy Hosking
Neal Jandron
Robert Jensen
Joel Klahn
Thomas Knuff
Peter Kotila
Tim J. Larson

Joe Lavey
Thomas Leone
Michael Lindquist
Jay Lonsway
Dean Manning
Frederick Margrif
Ellen Matson
Jerome Maynard
Paul Meese
Paul Menhennick
Doug Miller
Roger Moore
Gary Moran
Paul Nardi
Marsha Page
Steve Pelto
Charles Pemple
Roman Politi

David Prychitko
Dennis Roubal
Paul Salfai
Dennis H. Smith
Dr. Milton Soderberg
Michael Springer
Danny Stegner
Lynn Swadley
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Joseph Stimac
Steven R. Syrja
Jim Thompson
Robert Toutant
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Bill Waters
Dan Weingarten
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Carolyn Wheat
Scott White