Board of Directors


The Women’s Center is an organization that believes that every individual is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, and that women and men should be treated equally under the law and by society in general. No individual should be discriminated against or limited by society based on age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

The Women’s Center is an organization that provides services in a non-judgmental and supportive manner to individuals as they make decisions for their lives. At the same time, the Women’s Center advocates for change in the larger society to eliminate bias and to enhance the ability of all individuals to be fully functioning members of society.

JoAnne Garrow – Counselor, GLRC; Caught Dreamin' Owner

John Centko – Department Head for Technology & Occupational Sciences, NMU

Marlene Mottes – Alger County Resident

Having recently moved back to the area, I was looking for a place for me to make a difference in the communities I now live and work in, Alger and Marquette counties, just as I had been able to do as a former board member of the Caring House, Inc. in Iron Mountain. I have spent most of my adult life working on victim/survivor issues and have a passion for fighting for more protections, more rights, more services, and for making sure victim/survivor voices are being heard! Being a part of this board, I can support the Mission of the Women’s center and ensure that ALL Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors needs are being met every day!

Mary Sullivan – Music Therapist, ret.

Peggy Jensen – Purchasing Management, ret.

As an active member of our local community, I was impressed with the philosophy and goals of the Women’s Center.  I began volunteering as the Editor of the quarterly newsletter a few years ago and after seeing how the Women’s Center could impact our community by helping women, children and men who are victims of domestic violence & sexual assault, it was apparent that I could have an even more impact by joining the Board.  Making a difference in my community is very important in my personal and civic life and I am pleased to make a difference and be a part of the Women’s Center.

Abigail Kauffman Wyche – Assoc Professor, Department Head of Social Work, NMU

I serve on the Women’s Center Board because I want to play a role in ending gender-based oppression, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault in the Upper Peninsula.  On the Board, I get to support the work of WC advocates who are diligently serving victims and educating the public everyday.  They need me…and you…to give our time, talent and dollars and make their jobs possible. 

Christine Lenzen – Assistant Professor, NMU

As a member of the Marquette community, I am happy to serve on the board of the Women’s Center. The services that the Women’s Center provides are vital programs that help the people in our community feel safe – and I believe that a healthy community is a safe community. The Women’s Center is dedicated to supporting people through unfathomable situations with care – whether through the Harbor House which shelters survivors and victims of domestic abuse, or the counseling programs that help both domestic abuse and sexual assault survivors move forward with skills to help better their situations, or Pak Ratz retail shop which provides survivors with emergency clothing and household goods and whose proceeds go towards running these programs. I believe in the Women’s Center mission and am proud to be able to do my part in making our community safer.

Lucy Grove – HR Director, Range Bank

Being on the Women’s Center Board of Directors allows me to take an active role in helping to end domestic violence and sexual assault.  Not only do we advocate for our clients but we also reach out to the community to educate them on our programs and garner support through contributions of time and money.  Victims no longer fit a certain profile and The Women’s Center is here to serve them all.  I could not be more proud to be a part of this wonderful agency.