100 Good Men 2019

Looking for 100 Good Men

 On May 14, 2019, The Women’s Center kicks off its annual 100 Good Men Campaign. Men have a crucial role to play in the movement to end violence against women and children, as well as other men. Through greater awareness of and by advocating for violence prevention at the community level, men are becoming part of the solution in ending what has become one of the most significant social issues of our time. We are hoping that a group of local men will stand with the thousands of other men across the country who say “Enough already!”

How can a man participate? It is easy! Go onto the Women’s center website https://wcmqt.org/news/100-good-men-2019/   for a donation form or to donate directly online. Each man that donates $100 or more will be shared with the community on The Women’s Center website, Facebook and Instagram page, and in the local media, unless they choose not to.

Their donations help support the services that The Women’s Center provides such as counseling, legal advocacy, and operating a 24/7/365 emergency shelter for where the abused can find safe shelter as they recover from the trauma of domestic and sexual violence.

“What really drives The Women’s Center’s programs on domestic and sexual violence is the power of a diverse and engaged donor base,” Executive Director Beth Casady said. “Our 100 Good Men Campaign celebrates men in our community who partner with The Women’s Center and apply their philanthropic leadership toward ending sexual and domestic violence in our local communities. To that end, The Women’s Center hopes to get at least 100 Good Men to donate $100 or more towards its programs. By supporting The Women’s Center, we believe they can proudly share the commitment to ending domestic and sexual violence.”

Through this campaign, The Women’s Center will take another step to generate the positive change needed to make our community a safer place.

Complete our pledge form or make a donation now to get your name on this list and stand with these other men in the fight against domestic violence and sexual assault!

The campaign runs from May 14 until June 16. For more information, please call The Women’s center at 906-225-1346.