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We were nominated for Flagstar Bank’s Craft Community and have a chance to win $5,000 that we will use to support our programs. We need your help! Please vote for Women’s Center either online: https://www.flagstarevents.com/community and type in your email address and the zip code 49855 – one vote per email address… or go into their West Marquette Branch at 3220 US 41 West by Target or their Chocolay Branch at US 41 South & M-28 intersection and vote and we will receive 2 votes!

Thank you and pass this on!

How to Dress for a Job Interview

How to Dress for a Job Interview

Whether you are just coming out of a domestic violence situation or you’re taking steps to leave one by finding a job, the process can seem overwhelming. Whether you’re applying for a job or revamping your resume, there are many little steps along the way that can improve your chances of getting hired.

One of those little things is clothes; knowing what to wear for your interview can mean the difference between a paycheck and almost-a-paycheck – and you can only take one of those to the bank. The first thing to remember when choosing clothes for an interview is that your appearance – despite having nothing to do with your capabilities – is the first thing potential employers see, so make that first impression count with these wardrobe tips.

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The Basics of Applying for a Job

The Basics of Applying for a Job

After leaving an abusive relationship, many people look for fresh starts. They may be living alone for the first time or finding new, more healthy relationships. Another new aspect may be job-hunting. One reason some find leaving an abusive situation difficult is due to finances; without a partner’s financial support, day-to-day living can be a challenge. If you’ve recently left an abusive partnership, isolation and other concerns may have prevented you from learning the necessary skills for job hunting. In this multi-part blog series, we’ll tackle what you need to know to secure a job.

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Volunteering for the Women’s Center

Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering for the Women’s Center

This year, our cultural awareness of domestic and sexual violence has been front and center. With the #MeToo Movement, Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court hearings, and the upcoming 2020 presidential election, the news media coverage is invoking conversations in homes, schools, and coffee shops across the country. Even large corporations like Gillette, with their controversial commercial about masculinity, are taking a stand. It is an important time to be involved with the mission of the Women’s Center.

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The Problem with Domestic Violence in the Movies

The Problem with Domestic Violence in the Movies

When domestic violence happens, it’s behind closed doors in a place where abusers don’t just have total control of the abuse but total control of the narrative. It’s an abuser’s greatest power and a victim’s greatest weakness – privacy.

Because there are only two people ever able to tell the story of domestic abuse, the one who inflicts it and the one who suffers it, the way stories of domestic violence are told matter immensely to how the rest of the world sees this kind of violence. Unfortunately, most of what we see in movies and TV get it wrong – and they get it wrong in dangerous ways.

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Shelter Match Campaign

Shelter Matching Campaign

Here in Marquette and Alger Counties, we urge you to donate to our Shelter Matching Campaign this year in honor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors. Longtime Women’s Center supporters, Rod and Holly Aldrich, have committed to matching any funds pledged in 2018 to eliminating the mortgage of our local shelter, Harbor House.

Currently, the mortgage stands at $507,000. Our goal is to raise half of that amount,  $253,500 to take advantage of the match and pay off the shelter.

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Season of Giving

Keep The Women’s Center In  Mind During This Season of Giving

‘Tis the season for giving.  And we are blessed to live and work in such a generous community. We hope while you are out and about this holiday season, you will remember The Women’s Center in your giving plans.

We shelter more than 120 women, children, and men each year, as well as provide counseling and other services to our clients. Our organization could not function without our big-hearted donors.

Here are a few ways you can give to The Women’s Center this year:

Support Our Shelter Mortgage Matching Campaign. The Women’s Center’s biggest and most important campaign of 2018 is our Shelter Mortgage Matching Campaign. Our thoughtful donors, Rod and Holly Aldrich, have offered to match any donation in 2018 directed at paying off our shelter mortgage debt of $507,000. Freeing up monthly bank mortgage payments would mean so much to our operating budget. This additional money could go right to client needs. Please help us reach this goal before the end of the year by clicking here.

Donate Items to Harbor House. As most people prepare their homes for the holidays, our Harbor House clients prepare to spend this year away from theirs. We always accept basic household donations at Harbor House like toilet paper, paper towel, or more personal hygiene items. But special holiday treats for parents and kids would make this difficult time easier. Gift cards to downtown area Marquette businesses are a nice option and help our whole community.

Bring Extras to Pak Ratz. As you prepare to decorate and open your homes to family and friends, you may find yourself doing a bit of clutter reduction. Maybe there are decorations in perfectly good condition that no longer suit your style. Or maybe you encourage your kids to pass along outgrown toys to make room for new Christmas morning surprises. Whatever the case, bring your extras down to Pak Ratz! While you are there, do a bit of shopping yourself and cross a few people off your list. You can feel good knowing all the proceeds go right back into the Women’s Center mission!

Sponsor Our Fundraisers. The Women’s Center staff and board work hard to create engaging fundraisers like this year’s “A Night Out.” We are always looking for event sponsors, clever baskets to raffle, and gift certificates.

Make a New Year’s Resolution. Make your New Year’s resolution early this year by wrapping up your 2019 giving goals now. Consider helping us pay our monthly bills in 2019. Can you cover our electric bill for a month (or more) in 2019? Could you donate to cover our advertising costs for promoting Pak Ratz? All of these leave us more money to pay for client’s healthcare co-pays, bus tickets, and children’s school supplies, to name just a few.

We thank all who support The Women’s Center and our clients on a year-round basis. Your donations are always appreciated and we are grateful.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

From the Staff and Board of The Women’s Center