Shelter Match Campaign

Shelter Matching Campaign

Here in Marquette and Alger Counties, we urge you to donate to our Shelter Matching Campaign this year in honor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors. Longtime Women’s Center supporters, Rod and Holly Aldrich, have committed to matching any funds pledged in 2018 to eliminating the mortgage of our local shelter, Harbor House.

Currently, the mortgage stands at $507,000. Our goal is to raise half of that amount,  $253,500 to take advantage of the match and pay off the shelter.

What will this mean for us? In monetary terms, we spend $31,200 of our yearly operating budget on mortgage payments for Harbor House. Freeing up that money will enable us to provide more help and outreach where it is needed most. And future donations to the Women’s Center can go directly to helping survivors, instead of paying the bank.

What is Harbor House?

Harbor House is the only shelter for survivors of domestic violence in Marquette and Alger counties. Last year, the shelter protected more than 120 women, men, and children for 3,552 nights. While not everyone who receives help from the Women’s Center needs shelter, Harbor House offers refuge for those with few or no resources.

In addition to shelter, Harbor House provides a 24/7 support line, emergency and crisis services, individual and group counseling, advocacy, and education.

 Women’s Center Thanks Donors

We would like to thank the following organizations who have already given to the Shelter Matching Campaign including:

  • M. E. Davenport Foundation
  • Frazier Fund
  • Phyllis and Max Reynolds Foundation
  • River Valley Bank
  • Cruise-N-Coffee
  • Walmart Foundation

With financial contributions from these organizations, businesses, and individuals, we have raised $211,050 thus far and need to raise $42,450 by February 22, 2019.

If you or your business would like to contribute to our campaign, please visit our website here. Under the “Campaigns” section is information on the campaign. Remember, every dollar you give is doubled!

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