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The Women's Center, Inc. supports victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Alger and Marquette Counties through programs that Protect, Educate, Advocate, Counsel and Empower! (PEACE).

The Women's Center believes that every individual is entitled to dignity and respect, and that women and men should be treated equally under the law and by society in general. No individual should be discriminated against or limited by society based on age, sex, career choice, sexual orientation, or other circumstances of legitimate life choices. The Women's Center provides services in a non-judgmental and supportive manner to individuals as they make decisions for their lives. The Women's Center advocates for change in the larger society to eliminate bias and to enhance the ability of all individuals to be fully functioning members of society.



The Problem with Domestic Violence in the Movies

The Problem with Domestic Violence in the Movies

When domestic violence happens, it’s behind closed doors in a place where abusers don’t just have total control of the abuse but total control of the narrative. It’s an abuser’s greatest power and a victim’s greatest weakness – privacy.

Because there are only two people ever able to tell the story of domestic abuse, the one who inflicts it and the one who suffers it, the way stories of domestic violence are told matter immensely to how the rest of the world sees this kind of violence. Unfortunately, most of what we see in movies and TV get it wrong – and they get it wrong in dangerous ways.

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Shelter Match Campaign

Shelter Matching Campaign

Here in Marquette and Alger Counties, we urge you to donate to our Shelter Matching Campaign this year in honor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors. Longtime Women’s Center supporters, Rod and Holly Aldrich, have committed to matching any funds pledged in 2018 to eliminating the mortgage of our local shelter, Harbor House.

Currently, the mortgage stands at $507,000. Our goal is to raise half of that amount,  $253,500 to take advantage of the match and pay off the shelter.

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The Myth of Holiday Domestic Violence

The Myth of Holiday Domestic Violence

A quick search of the holidays and domestic violence gets you in on the world’s biggest secret – that instead of being a time of reconciliation and peace, it’s a time when domestic violence calls spike and abusers intensify their violence.

The trouble with this secret? It’s not true. And worse yet? It’s a danger to victims of domestic abuse. Here’s why.

Control Doesn’t Take a Vacation

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