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The Women's Center, Inc. supports victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Alger and Marquette Counties through programs that Protect, Educate, Advocate, Counsel and Empower! (PEACE).

The Women's Center believes that every individual is entitled to dignity and respect, and that women and men should be treated equally under the law and by society in general. No individual should be discriminated against or limited by society based on age, sex, career choice, sexual orientation, or other circumstances of legitimate life choices. The Women's Center provides services in a non-judgmental and supportive manner to individuals as they make decisions for their lives. The Women's Center advocates for change in the larger society to eliminate bias and to enhance the ability of all individuals to be fully functioning members of society.



Shelter Match Campaign

Shelter Matching Campaign

Here in Marquette and Alger Counties, we urge you to donate to our Shelter Matching Campaign this year in honor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors. Longtime Women’s Center supporters, Rod and Holly Aldrich, have committed to matching any funds pledged in 2018 to eliminating the mortgage of our local shelter, Harbor House.

Currently, the mortgage stands at $507,000. Our goal is to raise half of that amount,  $253,500 to take advantage of the match and pay off the shelter.

What will this mean for us? In monetary terms, we spend $31,200 of our yearly operating budget on mortgage payments for Harbor House. Freeing up that money will enable us to provide more help and outreach where it is needed most. And future donations to the Women’s Center can go directly to helping survivors, instead of paying the bank.

What is Harbor House?

Harbor House is the only shelter for survivors of domestic violence in Marquette and Alger counties. Last year, the shelter protected more than 120 women, men, and children for 3,552 nights. While not everyone who receives help from the Women’s Center needs shelter, Harbor House offers refuge for those with few or no resources.

In addition to shelter, Harbor House provides a 24/7 support line, emergency and crisis services, individual and group counseling, advocacy, and education.

 Women’s Center Thanks Donors

We would like to thank the following organizations who have already given to the Shelter Matching Campaign including:

  • M. E. Davenport Foundation
  • Frazier Fund
  • Phyllis and Max Reynolds Foundation
  • River Valley Bank
  • Cruise-N-Coffee
  • Walmart Foundation

With financial contributions from these organizations, businesses, and individuals, we have raised $211,050 thus far and need to raise $42,450 by February 22, 2019.

If you or your business would like to contribute to our campaign, please visit our website here. Under the “Campaigns” section is information on the campaign. Remember, every dollar you give is doubled!

The Myth of Holiday Domestic Violence

The Myth of Holiday Domestic Violence

A quick search of the holidays and domestic violence gets you in on the world’s biggest secret – that instead of being a time of reconciliation and peace, it’s a time when domestic violence calls spike and abusers intensify their violence.

The trouble with this secret? It’s not true. And worse yet? It’s a danger to victims of domestic abuse. Here’s why.

Control Doesn’t Take a Vacation

While we want to shine a light on domestic violence, this myth hurts victims more than it helps them. To say that abuse increases over the holidays suggests that perpetrators of domestic violence have enough control to time attacks. The idea is that the stress of the season can be a trigger, and, while that is true, 10,000 things the entire year round could be a trigger – some of them completely unpredictable. For instance, if someone at work makes an abuser feel unimportant, if the abuser has been drinking, if jealousy becomes a factor, a domestic abuser could lash out. Any of these “ifs” can cause a flare of violence against loved ones, children, and partners.

And none of those triggers has anything to do with the abused and everything to do with the abuser.

While predicting triggers is specific to the abuser, what we do know is that those in domestic violence situations try hard to keep their families intact during this time of year. The holidays actually see fewer calls about domestic violence – and it’s not because abusers are less violent during the holiday season; it’s because people who suffer abuse are reluctant to break up their homes and move into a shelter during what the culture tells them is the happiest time of the year.

They wait, and, because it’s also a time of hope, they believe the person they love will change.

A true accounting of domestic violence during the holidays is impossible to know because so many victims are reluctant to call during these times. People want their families to stay together during the season, and they want to believe their loved ones can be better. We should all hope for the transformation of people who do such terrible things, but victims don’t have to live with them to wait for those changes.

The Month of Change

January is often when victims are ready to take a leap and leave situations of domestic violence. If you’re in an abusive relationship and are waiting until the New Year to make a change, remember that violence doesn’t take a holiday. Abuse may not be worse in December, but it’s not better. When someone you love acts violently toward you or your children, they won’t stop because the music is happy and more people smile.

To suggest that violence increases in December means that it’s not as bad in November or January, and that’s simply not the case. Violence doesn’t believe in Santa, and triggers are completely unpredictable. When we fall for the myth that abuse is bigger during one time period or another, we misunderstand the nature of violence – it’s a cycle, it’s often unpredictable, and you can’t trace it on a calendar.

Call Us No Matter What Time of Year

At the Women’s Center of Marquette, we want to help victims of abuse find a safe space, and we’re available during Christmas, on New Year’s, and any holiday between. We believe in PEACE – protection, education, advocacy, counseling, and empowerment. We wish you PEACE for this holiday, and each day that comes after.


Season of Giving

Keep The Women’s Center In  Mind During This Season of Giving

‘Tis the season for giving.  And we are blessed to live and work in such a generous community. We hope while you are out and about this holiday season, you will remember The Women’s Center in your giving plans.

We shelter more than 120 women, children, and men each year, as well as provide counseling and other services to our clients. Our organization could not function without our big-hearted donors.

Here are a few ways you can give to The Women’s Center this year:

Support Our Shelter Mortgage Matching Campaign. The Women’s Center’s biggest and most important campaign of 2018 is our Shelter Mortgage Matching Campaign. Our thoughtful donors, Rod and Holly Aldrich, have offered to match any donation in 2018 directed at paying off our shelter mortgage debt of $507,000. Freeing up monthly bank mortgage payments would mean so much to our operating budget. This additional money could go right to client needs. Please help us reach this goal before the end of the year by clicking here.

Donate Items to Harbor House. As most people prepare their homes for the holidays, our Harbor House clients prepare to spend this year away from theirs. We always accept basic household donations at Harbor House like toilet paper, paper towel, or more personal hygiene items. But special holiday treats for parents and kids would make this difficult time easier. Gift cards to downtown area Marquette businesses are a nice option and help our whole community.

Bring Extras to Pak Ratz. As you prepare to decorate and open your homes to family and friends, you may find yourself doing a bit of clutter reduction. Maybe there are decorations in perfectly good condition that no longer suit your style. Or maybe you encourage your kids to pass along outgrown toys to make room for new Christmas morning surprises. Whatever the case, bring your extras down to Pak Ratz! While you are there, do a bit of shopping yourself and cross a few people off your list. You can feel good knowing all the proceeds go right back into the Women’s Center mission!

Sponsor Our Fundraisers. The Women’s Center staff and board work hard to create engaging fundraisers like this year’s “A Night Out.” We are always looking for event sponsors, clever baskets to raffle, and gift certificates.

Make a New Year’s Resolution. Make your New Year’s resolution early this year by wrapping up your 2019 giving goals now. Consider helping us pay our monthly bills in 2019. Can you cover our electric bill for a month (or more) in 2019? Could you donate to cover our advertising costs for promoting Pak Ratz? All of these leave us more money to pay for client’s healthcare co-pays, bus tickets, and children’s school supplies, to name just a few.

We thank all who support The Women’s Center and our clients on a year-round basis. Your donations are always appreciated and we are grateful.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

From the Staff and Board of The Women’s Center


Are you a survivor of sexual assault and/or rape?

The University of Hawai’i is conducting a study:Examining Healing Trajectories for Survivors of Rape and Sexual Assault

Are you a survivor of sexual assault and/or rape?

Would you like to share your experience in healing to help improve services for survivors?

If the answer is YES . . .

If you are a survivor of sexual assault and/or rape, please consider participating in a study exploring the types of therapeutic services and healing practices that are used by survivors. The study is an anonymous online survey that will take approximately 30 minutes to complete with an optional follow-up phone interview for survivors who are interested. The purpose of this study is to increase awareness and understanding of the healing process after sexual violence in order to hopefully improve services for survivors. If you are interested in participating or would like more information please visit:

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Weingarten, the principal investigator, at Thank you!